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"Making the Beat" to My Usher- Climax Remix

Hey what's up y'all I made a little video of me "making the beat" to my remix for Usher's Climax. I put "Making the Beat" in quotations because it's more of a laying over what i did syncing it with the finished product rather than me showing it done live. Nevertheless, I think it came out pretty nice. Please watch it and support by subscribing and leaving some comments. I appreciate your time. Thanks.


My Usher-Climax Remix

Hey what's up,


Indaba posted up a remix contest opportunity. The Grand Prize winner gets a flywaway trip to meet Usher, a Novation TWITCH Controller alng with Serato Scratch Live and an autographed merch bundle from Usher. I had a lot of fun doing the remix and I hope you will enjoy listening to it. Please, share the Youtube link with everyone you know as I will need a whole lot votes in the upcoming days. Let me know what you think of the track in the youtube comments. I surely appreciate the support.


Marvelous One




M3- Popularity Contest

Hey what's up everyone,

Check out this dope track by M3 speaking on the state of hip-hop in this day in age produced by yours truly. This is off his upcoming project, I Am The Competition 2.  Pay attention to the lyrics and listen to the message.

To listen to more of his music, visit his website here

Marvelous One on Production Marketplace

Hey what's up,

I just got up on PMP after a long internal debate on whether or not I should do it. over the years I've seen a lot of projects being placed on it and as I have recently decided to get more and more serious about really breaking into the big industry with a force, I've decided another investment in my future can only do great for me. I now have access to submit for larger projects and making the network of mine even stronger. If you are a PMP user that is an artist or a record label, be sure to check out my page as I will post exclusive tracks here and here only. If you like what you hear, feel free to contact me. I'm definitely taking a bigger step to my ultimate goal. Artists still feel free to contact me about tracks and check my links for music as I believe collaborative efforts can only lead to greatness. Be sure to check my PMP link out and share to get the word spread around!




Marvelous One

Choppa Clique LP

Hey what's up!

I recently produced a song (Track 8) on the Choppa Clique LP called "Outside the Box" . Check it out. Hope you like it. To purchase the album, visit




Marvelous One

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