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Post your best RAP! The Cyphe 1

Hey what's up everyone I've uploaded a free beat for you to download!

Please respond with your best lines. you can do a rap however long you want. It's all up to you. Let's GO! Here is the download Link

Post your response to this video here!

A Hike in the Mountains

What's up people!

I know it's been a while but I've been working with new sound projects. This is my first project of me making a scene with just sound. Please let me know what you think and share if you like. All voices done by me. Music composition done by me. All of it was done within Logic which I just recently learned a lot about coming from being an FL Studio-head.
This scene is of three hikers named John, Andrew and Michael. The main character is John. John is a bit underwhelmed by his hiking experiences and wishes he can find something that excites him more. The three friends go along their way on the hike and end up finding a cave. John immediately wants to go in. His friends don't really want to go inside but they go in anyway. They encounter a bear. The three friends run away as fast as they could and end up escaping a bear attack.


Hey What's Up!


I would like to introduce you guys to M3. A great hip hop artist who spits real lyricism. I recently produced a song (Track 13) on the IAMTHECOMPETITION 1.5 project called "Popularity Contest."  Check it out. Hope you like it. To download, please visit or click the picture.

"Making the Beat" to My Usher- Climax Remix

Hey what's up y'all I made a little video of me "making the beat" to my remix for Usher's Climax. I put "Making the Beat" in quotations because it's more of a laying over what i did syncing it with the finished product rather than me showing it done live. Nevertheless, I think it came out pretty nice. Please watch it and support by subscribing and leaving some comments. I appreciate your time. Thanks.


My Usher-Climax Remix

Hey what's up,


Indaba posted up a remix contest opportunity. The Grand Prize winner gets a flywaway trip to meet Usher, a Novation TWITCH Controller alng with Serato Scratch Live and an autographed merch bundle from Usher. I had a lot of fun doing the remix and I hope you will enjoy listening to it. Please, share the Youtube link with everyone you know as I will need a whole lot votes in the upcoming days. Let me know what you think of the track in the youtube comments. I surely appreciate the support.


Marvelous One




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