Music Producers Getting More Famous Than Rappers

What's up guys. This is a video where I'm talking about something that's been on my mind a lot lately. Please watch and leave a comment on the video with your thoughts. Thanks for watching!

Signing to Different PROs

Hey everyone,


I made a video answering a question that was asked to me regarding music publishing? Please check it out. If you have questions yourself, be sure to leave a comment on the page.

Just Do It

Hey everyone,

In this video I just wanted to speak candidily on something that could help every single artist who are trying to advance their career. I hope you enjoy the video.


What is a Split Sheet?

Here is a video I made on split sheets for all my singers/songwriters/producers out there. Enjoy!


What is Music Publishing?

What's up everybody. Here is a video where I try to explain a very important part of the industry which is music publishing.


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