N.E.R.(Not Even Rich) (Marvelous One Verse)

Hey Everyone,

I just posted one of my verses from the upcoming "Journeyman" album I have with Firebird. Once this gets up to 100 views I will upload another one. Please check it out, listen to the message and spread the word. Thanks!



Journeyman Update 1: Banger Verse

What's up everyone,


So i'll be posting every single update we release for this album I am putting out with FireBird the Muse. Check out my verse on one of the songs off of the album here:



Marvelous One & Firebird the Muse- Journeyman

What's up y'all. 

Firebird the Muse and I are doing an album together and I would like to have as much support for it as possible. It is an amalgamation of genres and we want to be able to deliver something fresh. 

UPDATE: The campaign has officially ended and we are proud to say that we have gotten over $600 to fund the album. We'll be sure to keep the updates coming as we work more on the album.

You can still donate if you want to by clicking the button below



Check out the fundraiser campaign video here:

If you want to make a donation, please contribute please click here.


Check out  a demo of one of of the songs below:

Choppa Clique- Outside the Box (Official Video)

Hey what's up,


Please check out the brand new video by Choppa Clique for the song "Outside the Box" produced by yours truly, Marvelous One. I hope you like it!


Super Mario Bros. Theme (Marvelous One Twerk Remix)

Hey what's up y'all,


I woke up this morning with this idea in my head and decided to see it to completion. Check it out! The free download is below.

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