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Hey what's up everybody. here is a beat that I did for IllMind's Blap Kit Vol. 3 contest. Check it out and please share. I'll be doing a video explaining my thought process while doing it. Thanks.


My time at Beat Camp

Hey what's up y'all. This past weekend I had a blast doing a whole lot of networking and enjoying myself at the iStandard Beat Camp NYC and Beast of the Beats VI. It was simply amazing to have personal interactions with the people who were dominating the industry at the moment and those who are about to do the same. It was a three day long event that started on Friday night. that night was a laid-back time for me to meet some of the guys who were showcasing within the next two days. Illmind spoke that night and it was great hearing his story of his production journey and specifically how he placed his "In The Morning" record on Kanye West's Cruel Summer. Later that night, Scram Jones blew me away as he did a DJ set of sampled beats that people slept on. An amazing night.


The next day was the start of Beat Camp where I attended sessions for the day with producers who were doing positive things in the industry. My first session was with DJ Pain 1 who gave an interactive session on networking and thinking like a DJ when it comes to promoting your work as a producer. I found that the statistics regarding social online media was astonishing but I'm looking forward to using all the information to my advantage. Being able to do a back and forth Q&A with DJ Pain 1 was very helpful and priceless. The second session was on songwriter synergy with Buda Da Future and Jimi Kendrix and Jack Danz. This was a great session because it was based on questions asked rather than a set presentation. The stories that both Jimi Kendrix and Buda Da Future gave were incredible and eye-opening. One being that Buda safd Dr. Dre once came by the studio while he was working with Jim Jones and made Jim Jones work on 4 bars for 6 hours until he got it right. That's whehn it clicked that the greats got where they are by puting in the time and effort to make great music. After the songwriter session, I stood in breifly on Rook of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League session on building your brand as you go in the industry and his bigest thing was to make sure when you do music just do what inspires you and people will catch on if you keep pushing it even if it isn't what's currently hot  right now. After his session I went to the Beat Thang presentation room and was able to chop it up with Asterix who was presenting for BKE and got in on a beat cypher where the energy was amazing.


After the classes and before going to club rebel I had a really cool experience. I got a chance to go to a new restaurant in NYC named Brighton to eat with Symbolyc One, IllMind, Asterix (who did a phenominal job with showcasing the Beat Thang) and an up-and-comer A- Blaze. The walk there and the time there realized sparked in my mind that it really is possible to meet with the people you look up to and/or have respect for in the industry if you just take the time to branch out. It also reinforced the fact that you never know who because I was walking down the street with these people and no one else even thought to look their way but in fact they were heavy-hitters.


The final day of Beat Camp was great as well. The first session i was at was a mix session with Ariel Borujow which completely blew my mind. First off, he played a couple of tracks that were never heard and played the unmixed versions, explained the mixing processes and then eventually got to the mixed and mastered versions. All of the tips and tricks he applied to his technique are some that I will be practicign and eventually puting to good use. The greatest piece of advice was to mix by feeling and use your ear as the biggest instrument. the second session I was in was a discussion of creating, building and maintaining relationships in the music industry with Symbolyc One, Rook and Illmind. I made sure to sit front and center for this one. I'm big on networking and keping relationships alive for anything whether it be music or otherwise. Keeping great energy and not being super protective of your material is what will make you excel at a producer in this music game. 

The showcase portion of the weekend was amazing. I'm not going to explain too much about it but overall, there were a huge amount of great new producers hungry to hold a strong spot in the industry and all of them had heat. that's the bottomline. Drawzilla did an amazing job spinning everyone's beat as well as records to keep the crowd entertained while we waited. Big salute to him for chopping it up with me throughout the weekend. I want to congratulate Symphony of BAU. He was my personal favorite and I'm glad he won it especially after attending a few other shows that he's been in around NYC in the past year.


I hope you all enjoyed the information I've shared with you. Here are a few pictures of the event on my Facebook page: Pictures of Beat Camp & Beast of the Beats VI




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Hey what's up everyone I've uploaded a free beat for you to download!

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