Marvelous One- Break Your Back

What's up y'all,

My EP "Break Your Back" will be coming out soon. The official twerk EP will consist of 3 high-energy twerk tracks that will get the clubs rocking. Please check it out when it drops. I'm crowdfunding for this project now! Please help out. Any donation will help! Please click the link below.

"Break Your Back" Fundraising Campaign

JayBless & CPatt The Monster - Just 2wo Mixtape

Hey What's up y'all,

Jay Bless & CPatt The Monster just dropped their Just 2wo mixtape. I produced Track 10 "Brooklyn to Arizona" off the tape. The beat is The Cyphe 2 beat I made (listen and download). Check out the mixtape below.

Marvelous One X HybridDom - 'The Barber of Trapville'

Hey what's up y'all. 

I know it's been a while but I have something new in store for you. While me and HybridDom were hanging out we were just listening to some classical music and then brainstormed an idea on the spot. We got to work and came up with this. Check it out and let us know what you think!


Marvelous One at Today's Future Sound

What's up y'all. I had a great time at the events put on by Phillip Drummond and Today's Future Sound. On Friday, the Dark Beats Battle. At SideWalk Cafe and Restaurant in NYC. On Sunday, I headed to the South Bronx to teach youth about how to make beats in FL studio. It was a great experience. To learn more about what Today's Future Sound is all about visit their page here.

Marvelous One- Basix

What's up y'all. I've decided to put together a collection of southern rap style trap beats together on an EP. The EP is called Basix and it consists of 6 tracks of this style. I'm releasing it in prep for my EDM Trap project and then the bigger EDM project consisting of different subgenres. The project drops on March 12. I hope you enjoy it and spread the word once it drops! It'll be available everywhere.


Marvelous One - Basix Bandcamp Spotify Rhapsody

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