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Hey what's up,

I just got up on PMP after a long internal debate on whether or not I should do it. over the years I've seen a lot of projects being placed on it and as I have recently decided to get more and more serious about really breaking into the big industry with a force, I've decided another investment in my future can only do great for me. I now have access to submit for larger projects and making the network of mine even stronger. If you are a PMP user that is an artist or a record label, be sure to check out my page as I will post exclusive tracks here and here only. If you like what you hear, feel free to contact me. I'm definitely taking a bigger step to my ultimate goal. Artists still feel free to contact me about tracks and check my links for music as I believe collaborative efforts can only lead to greatness. Be sure to check my PMP link out and share to get the word spread around!




Marvelous One