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Marvelous One (feat. Tizdale & Sleepyhead)- I Miss You

Check my new single "I Miss You" featuring Tizdale and Sleepyhead, two super talented singers! Click the picture below to access it on your favorite platform!

Firebird the Muse & Marvelous One- N.E.R. (Not Even Rich) EP

PLEASE check out this small project I did with Firebird the Muse. We did this project while having a few genres in mind. We blended flavors from different genres to make this gem. This is an EP we released in preparation for the release of our album, "Journeyman." Click on the artwork below to access the song on your favorite platform!


Marvelous One (feat. Tizdale & Sleepyhead)- I Miss You Teaser

Check out this teaser video for my new song "I Miss You" dropping Jan 26! Video and artwork filmed, edited and performed by Jennifer at Get in contact with her if you want artwork for your project too!

Thought Thursday: Taking Your Time

This is an important thing to always remember. 

Marvelous One and Future's Producer Jon Boii Beat Production Collab

What's up y'all. recently I collaborated with one of Future's producers, Jon Boii on a beat. Here is a clip of the studio session

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